California Employee Rights – Helpful Articles

We’ve developed some helpful articles that will help you to determine if your rights are being threatened.


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Arbitration in California


Sexual Harassment Law in California

Sexual Harassment in the Workplace

Employer’s Duties Regarding Sexual Harassment

Factors and Remedies on Sexual Harassment Cases


Racial Discrimination Law in California

Racial Discrimination in the Workplace

National Origin Discrimination in the Workplace


Disability Discrimination In California

The ADA and FEHA

Workplace Issues in Disability Discrimination


Workplace Leave Rights: FMLA and CFR

Length of Permissable Leave


Pregnancy Discrimination in the Workplace

California law on Workplace Pregnancy Discrimination


Sexual Orientation Discrimination California

California law on Workplace Sexual Orientation Discrimination


Articles on Harassment and Discrimination

Some basics for employees who feel harassed or discriminated against